2013 Race Information

Covenant Children's Home
5K Race for the Kids
5K Run, 1 Mile Walk and
Kids Fun Run

With anticipation filling their hearts and smiles splitting their faces wide open folks once again participated in the Second Annual Race/Walk for the Kids at Spruce Creek Preserve. In the midst of the lively crowd of jubilant runners and walkers feet took on a life of their own as everyone listened to the thundering pounding of hundreds of insistent and competitive feet all attempting to beat the 5K course record of 16:20:9 but it stands. As they crossed the finish line their thoughts turned to the children who would benefit from the success of this race. They smiled with unbounded joy in their hearts. Thank you to each and every one for attending our event and helping to ensure its success.

Pictures of the event are available from EventMugShots.com

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