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Every child deserves to experience a childhood in a loving, supportive home, to receive adequate protection, nutrition, affection and guidance. Some children don’t have that chance in their current home setting due to neglect or abandonment. Covenant Children’s Home (CCH) is a safe refuge for children who are in need of long term shelter and a place to call home. CCH is a Christ-centered home and responsive to the individual needs of each child. We provide a continuum of care including physical, emotional, and spiritual nurturing. Covenant’s goal is to provide the stability of a traditional family environment so that our children will mature into caring, responsible and productive members of society. To this end we will welcome and actively seek the support of our community as we develop partnerships with individuals, churches, businesses and other organizations. Ultimately the purpose of Covenant Children’s Home is to transform the lives of the children in our care and to bring honor and glory to God.

The Covenant Children’s Home is a safe place where children can begin to heal. We provide a home with a safe environment for boys and girls. We pride ourselves as advocates and representatives for all abused, neglected and abandoned children. Our Home is spacious and comfortable, providing a loving environment for any child who needs us. We are the critical step on the road to each child’s recovery.All children deserve protection and immediate assistance to help them to achieve a bright future. We provide these services and are dedicated to continuing to care for every child and family who needs us.

Helping Children To Succeed!